Johanna Encrantz

Johanna Encrantz is a 49 year old Swiss/Swedish photographer. After her Lizentiat in Economics she studied journalism and videotechnics. Fascinated by images Johanna found the medium to express herself: photography.

One of her main intentions in her art-projects is creating new realities when mixing empty rooms, landscapes and figures forming a new world of light, memories and feelings. As so in Traumtag in collaboration with Tania Maria Camenzind and in Denken wie ein Berg with Christine Bänninger. This collaboration shows the frightening loneliness and coldness in the alpine landscape. Literature is important to Johanna and can easily be perceived in her approach to the themes of her work: Kalte Elemente, Exoticas, Traum eines Dichters.

Johanna works as a Contract Photographer for the fotoagency Ex-Press and on comission i.a. The Fantoche Filmfestival.

Since 2008 Johanna joined the vfg Vereinigung fotografischer GestalterInnen, during 2013-2016 she was elected as communicator and cashier on the vfg-board. Johanna is a member of the SBF Schweizerische Berufsfotografen und Filmgestalter.